D’orica is one of those examples of Italian excellence that we’d like to hear more about. Its success is the result of a long process of development made up of experience, genuine entrepreneurial spirit and an unyielding passion for innovation.

Treesure is a brand of D'orica s.r.l. Società Benefit. D’orica is a gold jewellery maker that was founded in 1989 in the Vicenza gold and silver district. It was built on the determination and entrepreneurial skills of the Zonta family. As well as contributing her know-how to the company, from the very beginning the Zonta family imbued it with their working philosophy and vision of the world, which were based on profound respect for the environment and genuine dedication to the establishment of widespread well-being in society. Consequently, D’orica has become a benefit corporation and mostly a certified B-Corp. The latter form of recognition is highly sought after but extremely difficult to obtain, as it is only awarded to companies that truly manage to make everything that they do revolve around people and the environment. 

D’orica has distinguished itself over the years with its superior products and outstanding production processes, which are based on research and diversification, quintessential Italian manufacturing, production procedures that take place entirely within its own workshop, and an exceptional blend of craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology.

In 2015, the European Union included the company on a list of the four most praiseworthy business projects (during the “Grow your Region” event), while in 2017/2018 D’orica’s philosophy and modus operandi were studied by the Veneto Region as part of research into quality and corporate social responsibility.