The silk used to make Treesure is the result of a project to bring back the ancient Italian supply chain. A light and luminous yarn was rediscovered, made following ancient techniques and with the utmost respect for the environment and people.

Manufatto culturale®

Treesure is not an exclusively aesthetic operation, but makes us participants in a collective cultural project. The jewel has imprinted within itself - intangible but easily recognisable - ten centuries of history; incorporated within, just like DNA in a resin fossil, is Palladio, Venetian villas and the countryside fenced by mulberry trees, the doges and the Grand Canal, Marco Polo and precious fabrics, Tintoretto and Giorgione, Brenta and the spinning mills: in short, an entire miniaturised world. Here is what I believe is the cultural product: the work of the artisan artist making a gesture in which knowledge and know-how blend together. “Business culture” thus stops being a dichotomy, a contradiction in terms according to some. Culture, for once without labels, becomes the very essence of the company and, by osmosis, of its products.