A jewel born from the delicate encounter of silk and gold. A product that is the expression of Italian elegance and creativity.


Treesure stems from a rediscovery of Italian excellence in silk production: a unique raw material capable of reviving the great tradition of the ancient Venetian masters. This silk has been brought back to life by D’orica, the jewellers that produce Treesure, who restructured a complete production cycle with over fifty years of history to create ethical silk that respects both the environment and the people involved in the process. This 100% Italian-made silk is called Filosofare® and is certified through the Italian Chambers of Commerce Traceability & Fashion scheme.


Attention to product quality and service, a focus on people and the environment, training initiatives and the dissemination of knowledge are all elements that have always characterised our business philosophy. We want the value of what we produce to go beyond mere economics and give rise to a series of positive impacts, to development and well-being for the whole community. This is why Treesure is not only a haute jewellery product of skilled craftsmanship, but is also a "cultural artefact", a bearer of indispensable meanings for the way we work and live in society.


The passion for our work, the desire to continuously improve through the furthering of techniques and knowledge and the progressive development of individual and collective skills all give life to a goldsmith atelier in which craftsmanship merges with research and technological evolution. Every production stage is integrated here and the exclusive creations are a combination of style, care and a tailored approach that focuses on the customer.

The golden notes interwoven in the precious threads represent one of the new goals reached by a goldsmith company with almost thirty years of experience behind it.